Chrisean Rock Cries During Kai Cenat Jail Skit After Reading Children’s Book

Chrisean Rock

The very high rapper gets emotional listening to a children’s book that references God and her son.

Chrisean Rock appeared on Kai Cenat’s mock reality show, “7 Days In,” with a few of her girls. The show’s concept centers on Kai Cenat’s “incarceration” in a fake jail cell with his celebrity guests coming in (on fake charges) and spending the day on lockdown with him.

When Rock came on the show and into his cell, she and Ceneat read one of her newborn son’s custom-made books God Loves Chrisean, which appeared to deeply move her.

As previously reported, Rock gave birth in September and named the baby after herself. Surrounded by a group dressed in orange jail-styled jumpers, Rocks shows the first page of the book, which features a picture of her newborn.

She read, “Dear Chrisean, God said let that be light on one day number one. Then he hit then he lit up the world with rays of the sun.”

Before Chrisean Rock could go on, she announced she was “high as s##t.” Kai Cenat then took over and dramatically read from the book.

As the comedian started to talk about how God crafted the baby while smoking was smoking a blunt, Chrisean Rock started to get misty-eyed and eventually broke out into full tears.

While it was unclear if the influencer-turned-rapper was playing along with the skit or if she was truly moved, the clip aligns with what the world has seen since she had her first baby—her child is at the center of all that Chrisean Rock does whether Blueface likes it or not.