Highly Anticipated Black Rob Documentary Scheduled For Summer Release

Black Rob

The final days of the life of Black Rob will be showcased in an upcoming documentary slated to be released this July. Read all about it!

Two weeks after the world mourned the death of Def Jam rapper DMX, the culture was hit with another startling death— the loss of Hip-Hop Black Rob. 

Black Rob succumbed to kidney failure on April 17th, 2021. Amidst his last days, people wondered, “where were all the celebrity friends and moguls he worked with, and why did he die almost penniless?”

A new documentary on his final hours is set to be released by his former manager, Kal Dawson, to answer those very questions.

The documentary is being presented by Gargantuan Entertainment and has as executive producers Ge Films, Kal Dawson, Gold Mouf Fam Goon, and Rey “G Child” Mullen.

The film will show the Bad Boy recording artist’s struggle as he battled kidney issues and a season of homelessness when only a few people stepped in to assist with his shelter and health care needs.

Kal Dawson managed Black Rob for less than a year before his demise. He said Black Rob’s world turned upside down in March of 2021, seven months into their professional relationship after NBA All-Star weekend, when the rapper fell ill.

A month after Black Rob’s death, AllHipHop.com interviewed Rob’s manager turned filmmaker, Kal Dawson. 

While Diddy faced intense criticism in the weeks before Black Rob’s passing for not doing more, Kal Dawson revealed Diddy helped out a little from behind the scenes. 

“Diddy and them reached out to Rob,” Kal Dawson told AllHipHop. “The question was asked…’whose the name the hotel room is in?’ and he said ‘Kal Dawnson.’ They extended the room where he was staying at for another two weeks under Sean Combs Enterprise. I will say that was done.”

Diddy also supposedly helped cover some of Black Rob’s funeral costs, but overall, Kal Dawson said the Harlem rapper received a “raw deal.” 

“The whole s### was suspect. Everybody with the boohoos and all that, and they was there for him and all that. When I was involved with Rob…I ain’t never seen none of these people around. So, Rob got a raw deal,” Kal Dawson told AllHipHop.com.

“If people would have acted accordingly, as soon as that video went viral, it could be a different outcome. He probably would have still been here now. A lot of people was dragging their feet, nothing got done, and as a result, the man passed away,” Dawson continued.

It will show the people who cared, the love he had for others, his homelessness, and after his demise, the process leading up to his funeral from the perspective of those who was with him in those “last days.” 

“From March 5th till the day he passed away, we got a lot of footage that a lot of people don’t have. A lot of conversations, videos, recordings. Everything is going to pan out when you see the documentary,” Kal Dawson told AllHipHop.com.

The recently released artwork for the documentary, “The Last Days Of Black Rob,” states that the film will be released this summer, July of 2022.