Hip-Hop Comes Out In Support Of E-40 After He Was Ejected From  Kings-Warriors Game


Comments pointed to how E-40 doesn’t “mess with nobody!”

Rappers and fans have come out in the defense of Oakland legend E-40 after he was ejected from a recent NBA basketball game.

AllHipHop.com reported on Saturday, April 15, during the Kings versus the Golden State Warriors game, Bay area emcee E-40 was kicked out after getting into an argument with some fans in the audience.

According to E-40, a Caucasian woman heckled him throughout the course of the April 15th sporting event. He claimed Golden 1 Center security guards only removed him from the arena during the fourth quarter.

“Unfortunately, it was yet another reminder that — despite my success and accolades as a musician and entrepreneur — racial bias remains prevalent,” wrote E-40. “Security saw a disagreement between a Black man and a white woman and immediately assumed that I was at fault.”

Now, others from the Hip-Hop community is taking to social media to blast the social politics that seems to have allowed E-Fonzarelli to be treated so disrespectfully … especially since “E-40 don’t mess with nobody.”

Willie D from the Geto Boys wrote on Instagram, “When I Heard E-40 Got Ejected From A Kings-Warriors Game I knew Immediately He Was The Victim because E-40 don’t mess with nobody.”


“Turns out I was right. According to E-40, the Kings fans heckled him the entire game and he held off responding until the fourth quarter. But when security came, they saw him arguing with a White woman, assumed he was the aggressor, then proceeded to escort him out the arena,” he wrote.

Adding, “I didn’t have a dog in the fight but now I hope GS beat the breaks off the Kings. And I will be addressing this tomorrow.”

Influencers jumped in the comment section agreeing with the Texas rapper.

Bronx rapper and businessman Fat Joe called the incident “disgusting.”

Thembisa Mshaka said, “Unbelievable. They KNOW Front Row 40 isn’t EVER that guy. That is complete 🗑.”

Brooklyn rapper Talib Kweli reposted the “Mind Playing Tricks” rapper’s IG post, tacking on, “Weaponized white woman tears is a powerful weapon wielded against black folks. Protect @e40 at ALL costs.”


People had to co-sign Kwa’s statement.

Fan Jolly Good Ginger wrote, “White people in the comments: “why you making it about race?🥴🥴” —- white woman verbally attacks black man, and the black man gets booted. It’s 100% about race. White people will find any reason but the one it is.”

X-Raided submitted a full apology on behalf of his city.

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A post shared by X-Raided (@officialxraided1)

“On behalf of my hometown #Sacramento, California, I apologize to @e40 for the experience he had during game one of the Kings vs Warriors series. We love 40 in The Valley and he knows that publicly and privately. He has done a LOT for Sacramento Hip-hop. Our culture in Northern California is such that if the Kings and Warriors weren’t playing each other, many people would be rooting for both teams. We just happen to be playing one another and it’s a bit of a family feud on public display.

That being said, the @sacramentokings
 should not be branded as a racist organization due to an experience that occurred during one of the most intense 4th Quarters of these young playoffs. Anyone can buy a ticket to a game. Their behavior is not representative of the TEAM nor is a judgment call made by a single security guard. It would be more appropriate to hold the organization responsible for how they RESPOND to the issue.

After a 17-year drought to return to the playoffs and a spectacular performance from its young players, it would be a TRAVESTY to allow a debate over whether or not E40 was standing up too much to overshadow the fact that the Sacramento Kings gave the World Champs everything they could handle. We have one hell of a series on our hands. We can correct that situation with Uncle 40 and still celebrate the fact that the Kings came to play! Don’t let that incident take away from the outcome and don’t let them use this as fodder to fire up their base to go nuts. There’s levels to these types of mind games.

Put 40 over there by the Warriors’ bench where he belongs and is welcome. They clearly rock with him. Simple fix.

Other than that, #LightTheBeam
 for the #SacramentoKings and don’t get sidetracked by the noise. #SacTown stand up!”