Hip-Hop Powerhouses Jay-Z, Diddy, Nas, And LL Cool J Endorses Ray McGuire For New York City Mayor


The rap legends recently had a Zoom call with Ray McGuire who has a plan to turn New York City into a hub for creatives.

Jay-Z, Diddy and Nas have all endorsed candidate Ray McGuire and his “inclusive comeback” plans for New York, as the city’s mayor.

The rappers all appeared on a Zoom call with the mayoral candidate, Angie Martinez, and Steve Stoute to discuss businessman McGuire’s campaign, with Jay-Z commenting: “When New York’s the most vibrant, It was because it was a destination for people to come there and create.”

Jay added that he’d initially reached out to McGuire to ask if he’d be interested in running a fund he was hoping to “start for black and brown people.”

And when McGuire told him of his plans to run for mayor, the “Empire State of Mind” star realized “there goes that!” But added: “I understood where he was coming from.”

“It’s just about how many people we can reach and what’s most urgent right now,” Jay-Z concluded.

Nas added that he’s decided to endorse McGuire because “everything he’s saying is what I want to hear,” while Diddy commented that he’s interested in anything that helps New York get out of the “state of emergency” it’s currently in.

“New York could be the first city that really does something bold to take care of the people. That’s why I was excited about this conversation, just knowing Ray… Ray was always talking about the people,” he continued.

Diddy is more involved in the campaign than he let on, and will be an “integral part in how we reach voters.”

McGuire also has the support of other stars including Spike Lee, Steve Martin, LL Cool J, Naomi Campbell, and Christy Turlington.