Hitman Holla And Tsu Surf Go Head-To Head In Haymaker Contest

All week fans have been rooting for their favorite producers on Instagram’s latest obsession, and now the top battle rappers have caught on and their IG career battles take this all to the next level.

(AllHipHop News) Once Timbaland and Swizz Beatz started the producer battle wave on Instagram, it was only a matter of time that the experts at contest performance would attack the challenge.

The elite talent of battle rap (independent of their league) took to the popular social media platform to put on a show of their own.

However, in these battles, the fans who love their sport are treated to a whole different experience.

This is the set-up of the game that they playing.

Each battler selects their favorite bars, schemes, haymakers, moments or punches from their most prized-competitions throughout their career. Then they match them up against a worthy opponent.

Pulling their very best, the lyricists go head to head in hopes that the excerpts from their arsenal of battles can actually stand up against the next.

Because they are the best of the best, their offerings are nothing short of brilliant.

Jumping off the series are superstars Hitman Holla and Tsu Surf.

Before the world got used to his face on the longest-consecutively running show on MTV and in Hip-Hop history, the St. Louis native got his start mesmerizing his audiences with three special assets: Charisma, The Remix and the hood jump-in from his brother.

Hitman Holla is a certified cultural icon with a Q score as high as some of your favorite commercial emcees.

Speaking of commercial emcees, Tsu Surf can count himself in the ranks of Meek Mill and Cassidy.

With millions of streams of his music, singles that play on some of the top radio stations and playlists across the nation, an Insta-Live that is as popping and entertaining as anything on cable TV and a mixtape with West Coast rapper, Mozzy that bridges the cultural gaps of East coast/ West coast and Crip/ Blood, he is the definition of celebrity.

The two of them brought all their magic and those top tier bars to this special event— making it almost impossible to judge but prompting others like Geechi Gotti & Nu Jerzey Twork and Shotgun Suge & Cortez to follow suit in subsequent bar battles available almost every day this week.

Check out the back and forth and see for yourself if you can pick a clear winner.