Hitman Holla Battle Rap Reality TV Show Begins Filming: “A War Every Night” 

Behind-the-scenes footage from Hitman Holla’s ‘Bag$ And Bodies’ competition shows the contestants are with all the smoke!

Hitman Holla says things are heating up in the Bag$ And Bodies mansion, the home of the Wild N’ Out star’s battle rap reality TV show.  

Earlier this year, the St Louis artist announced plans for the $100,00 competition and has now selected the rappers who will battle for the prize. Half of the contestants were chosen from auditions across four cities last month. The remaining hopefuls faced off last week for the final slots. Those battles will drop on YouTube as promo for the first season. 

The battlers have entered the house, where they will compete in a series of challenges over the next six weeks. If the first two days are anything to go by, the show will make for compelling viewing.  

Hitman Holla shared a clip from the Bag$ And Bodies mansion showing an altercation between two of the battlers. Harlem’s Snake Eyez and North Carolina’s Bad Newz almost came to blows, and things got tense. 

“They tryna separate the boys from the men in the house,” Hitman tweeted. “It’s a war every night #BagsAndBodies!!!”


Despite having to keep on his toes, Hitman Holla says the show is already promising to be classic television. “They driving me crazy already lol,” he tweeted. “This tv show is GOLD.” 

Bag$ And Bodies began taping this weekend and will be available on Hulu, Roku, and Apple TV once the TV deal is finalized.  

Some contestants have been posting behind-the-scenes videos from the Bag$ And Bodies mansion. Viewers can expect smoky altercations, laughs, and tense moments in between the battles when the emcees will showcase their writing skills and rapping ability. Check the clips below.