Honeykomb Brazy Arrested Over Shoot Out That Was Streamed Live

HoneyKomb Brazy

Honeykomb Brazy was taken into custody over a pair of shootouts before and after his grandparents’ shocking murders.

Rapper Honeykomb Brazy is sitting in prison in his hometown of Alabama over drug and gun charges.

According to Al.com, Honeykomb Brazy was taken into custody over a shootout that took place just days before the rapper’s grandparents’ grizzly murders.

In February, Honeykomb Brazy’s grandparents perished after their house in Mobile exploded under suspicious circumstances.

Several neighbors reported hearing at least 10 gunshots from a semi-automatic weapon, and moments after the gunfire stopped, the house went up in flame taking the lives of Tony and Leila Lewis.

The cops say another shootout with a group of Honeykomb Brazy’s rivals took place a few days before his grandparents’ funeral.

Shockingly, that shootout was live-streamed on social media

Honeykomb Brazy was taken into custody at gunpoint by two police officers on Saturday (May 1st) without incident. The rapper, real name Nashon Jones, was booked into jail on Saturday for first-degree marijuana possession and possession of a gun.