HoneyKomb Brazy Denies Grandparents Were Killed By Arsonists And Explains How They Died

HoneyKomb Brazy

HoneyKomb Brazy has come forward with a statement about the shocking death of his grandparents in Mobile, Alabama earlier this week. 

Rapper HoneyKomb Brazy has offered up some insight into the shocking death of his grandparents in Mobile, Alabama. 

Earlier this week, it was revealed the Rap-A-Lot artist’s grandparents perished in a blaze reports originally attributed to arsonists. 

Witnesses reported hearing hundreds of gunshots before Tony and Leila Lewis’ house went up in a blaze, killing them both. 

HoneyKomb Brazy denied an arsonist had killed his parents, and he explained just how they died.

Apparently, the house caught on fire as a result of gunshots, since both of his grandparents had COVID-19 and were using oxygen tanks, which are highly flammable. 

“Stop saying my granny n grandpa got set on fire they had COVID 19 both of them was on oxygen tanks they blew up when they was shooting in the house,* HoneyKomb Brazy explained. 

According to Mobile Police Chief Lawrence Battiste, officials are waiting for an autopsy report to determine how the elderly couple died. 

“There’s a lot of moving parts with this case. This is not a normal scene by which we can say, immediately, that somebody died or you can see wounds that would indicate that they were shot and potentially those shots call somebody’s death,” Chief Battiste told Fox 10 News. 

Investigators recovered two different types of shell casings from the crime scene, suggesting more than one weapon was fired at the home. 

Chief Battiste said investigators were still attempting to determine a motive, and whether or not HoneyKomb Brazy had bad blood with anyone. 

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe has been set up to help the Lewis’ neighbors, whose house also burns down as a result of the fire.