HoneyKomb Brazy Gets Football Numbers For Violating Probation

HoneyKomb Brazy

HoneyKomb Brazy’s rap career is pretty much over for the next 15 years, after a judge sent him up the river for violating the terms of his probation by possessing guns!

Alabama rapper HoneyKomb Brazy’s probation has been snatched after violating his terms of release.

A Mobile County judge made this assessment following the prosecution sharing 15 video clips of the “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” artist with firearms and drugs, both prohibited under his probation terms.

According to the prosecutor he also failed to report to his parole officer for three months after his release and traveled to Texas and Georgia without permission.

The rapper, whose legal name is Nashon Jones, was convicted of a 2016 felonious gun charge and received a 15-year sentence.

With his probation, he only served 18 months. Now he will have to do the entire bid.

Brazy’s lawyer Jeff Deen submitted that the guns were props used for his videos, but the judge was not having it at all. Instead, the court pointed to another violation whereas the rapper was present at a shootout in Montgomery with his friends and another group of thugs, an incident that the very smart entertainer posted on his social media.

“I wish the judge had denied the State’s motion to revoke Nashon’s probation,” Deen told FOX10 News when talking about his client’s case. “His creativity influences and inspires others in his social circle. However, I can understand the judge’s opinion. He conducted a 2 1/2 hour hearing and then took three weeks to review the evidence presented which included a plethora of videos.”

The attorney continued, “Even if the guns, dope, and alcohol weren’t real in the videos, I can see why the judge could conclude that honeycombs the depiction of drugs, guns, alcohol, and misogyny would not be conduct becoming of a probationer.

“We plan on appealing the judge’s decision. In the meantime, I believe that this experience will drive Nashon toward providing a more positive and mature message for his many fans,” he finally ended.

HoneyKomb Brazy may seem to be celebrating a gangster lifestyle, but it is not without a price.

As reported by AllHipHop.com, his grandparents, Tony and Leila Lewis, were murdered after he was released on probation.