Hopsin Airs Out Funk Volume And Damien Ritter In Power 106 Interview


(AllHipHop News) As the saying goes, “once you sign on that dotted line…”

Such is the case of former Funk Volume and California based rapper Hopsin who recently took the time to air out his former label Funk Volume in a recent Power 106 interview.

In the interview Hopsin accuses Damien Ritter of “taking more money than he deserved and expresses the anger he has over losing the label he created.” He also speaks on his relationship with Dizzy Wright, Jarren Benton and the other Funk Volume artists stating that they are all still cool.

“It all kind of started when the Funk Volume 2015 tour started. I’ve been kind of a blinded artist who didn’t ask questions his whole career,” Hopsin explained.  “When you are young and coming into the game, you just want your music to be out there and so you don’t really put your mind into the business aspect of things, but as I started getting older I started questioning more.”

“I noticed I was on the tour and he didn’t tell me what I was going to get paid on the tour until I was on the tour and I had to actually asked him,”  Hopsin said. “So he was my manager, he was playing accountant, he’s been playing the label owner, he’s been playing everything.”

“There was also a lot of stuff with the way things were being ran on the tour and so I just kept asking more and more questions and he was so uncomfortable with me asking the questions.  I feel like as a business man, doing business with anybody you should be able to ask questions,” he added.  “I saw the payment structure of what he sent me when I asked it and it was just something he created. I wanted to know, where did you get this from?

Aside from Ritter playing the role of accountant, label owner and manager, much of what Hopsin says Ritter promised was not delivered in their Warner Brothers distribution deal.

“Damien started negotiating a distribution deal with Warner Brothers and they still promised a lot of things and there were things that were promised, that never really happened,” Hopsin complained.  “They were going to promote the album and give it a bigger reach and that didn’t happen. We didn’t get any late night TV shows and we didn’t do anything we hadn’t done on our own being independent working out of our houses,” Hopsin lamented.

“Damien was the front man for all this stuff, and I just kept asking questions and things weren’t making sense. So I just came to the conclusion I needed a new manager,” Hopsin said of Damien.

Hopsin said he knew everything was wrong when Ritter allotted $50,000 for himself for a tour he was never on and when Ritter got mad at him for wanting a new manager. Whats more is that Hopsin says he’s playing people’s managers, lawyers accountants and more still to this day, but nothing is being done about it.

Check the full interview below!