Hopsin Calls It Quits, Moves To Australia

Hopsin Leaves The Rap Game

Hopsin has been able to successfully do what most rappers don’t get – attention and notoriety.

However, that has not stopped the talented lyricist from giving up a career in Hip-Hop Hopsin, real name Marcus Jamal Hopson, wrote a letter on Facebook, where he proclaimed that he was leaving the United States for a live in Australia.

Read the letter below:

I just wanted to take time out to say I appreciate all of u who have supported my music over these past few years. A Lot of u have told me stories about how I have changed your life. You too have changed mine in ways that u can never imagine. Unfortunately, tonight is the night that I am actually moving away to Australia. Over the past couple years I have come to conclusion that this profession just isn’t for me, so im going to venture out into new areas of life. I will always be an MC at heart, but this rap stuff just isn’t for me. I hope Youguys can respect it. I’ve signed over my half of the funk volume label to my business partner Dame. I also wished Swizzz, Dizzy Wright and Jarren Benton good luck in their careers. Thank u all! I’m out.


Marcus Jamal Hopson aka “Hopsin”