Hopsin Clowns Auto-Tuned “Mumble Rappers” In “No Words” Video


(AllHipHop News) “Mumble Rap” has become one of the most popular and most criticized forms of music today. With artists like Future and Young Thug focusing more on melody and beats than clarity and enunciation, some listeners are hoping the culture shifts back to highlighting lyrical ability.

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California rapper Hopsin has stepped up to address his less lyrical peers with the new video “No Words.” The Funk Volume leader relied on humor to express his discontent for “mumble rap.” He even placed some of the blame on the listening public.

“No Words” opens with Hop saying:

Man, rap today f*cking sucks bad. I don’t give a f*ck what anybody says. These fools ain’t spitting no type of dope sh*t. But that’s not even the bad part. They’re not even saying words anymore. They just got a hard ass f*cking beat to trick dumb a#### like you to make you think you like the sh*t…

We got some real f*cking mentally retarded rappers in the game. I know for a fact nobody knows what the f*ck these dudes be saying.

Hopsin did not refer to any artist by name, but by using Auto-Tune, wearing fake “locks”, and pretending to drink lean, it seems obvious the L.A. representative was taking shots at Trap stars.

This is not the only time the “Crown Me” performer has called out other rappers. In August, Hopsin challenged other rap crews or labels to battle his Funk Volume team for $500,000. After his squad went back-and-forth with Horseshoe Gang, FV’s Jarren Benton told AllHipHop.com the half a million dollar offer is still on the table for any other team.

“There wasn’t real beef with Horseshoe Gang. Actually, we consider Crooked I extended family,” said Benton. “It was just all in fun. We’ll still do it if anybody else wants to step the f*ck up. We’ll go ahead and knock you out too.”

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Watch Hopsin’s “No Words” below.