Hotboii Arrested By Feds Over Deadly Feud With 9lokkNine


Popular Orlando rapper Hotboii just been taking off the streets after being charged in a RICO case over a deadly feud with 9lokkNine.

Rap star Hotboii was finally arrested after an ongoing investigation allegedly linked him to the Orlando 438 gang.

Records show that Hotboii was locked up on Thursday, July 8, and processed under his legal name, Javarri Latre Walker.

As reported by, the gang has been under surveillance by authorities under a discovery campaign called, “Operation X-Force.”

OXF discovered that 438 is in conflict with another rival squad called the Army Gang — a feud so deadly that a number of teenagers have been killed.

There have been four murders connected to this banging beef.

It is assumed that those individuals were not gang-related.

Tayyiah King, a 16-year-old relative to the Orlando City Commissioner Regina Hall, has been a high-profile killing that seems to be helping justice move a little swifter.

Orange County Sheriff John Mina shared with the press earlier this month, “The ongoing feud that has been going back and forth between these gangs has been responsible for over 30 shootings and several homicides in a number of our jurisdictions.”

Hotboii is looking at some serious RICO (racketeering and conspiracy to commit racketeering) charges.

Cash Money rapper 9lokkNine and the 24 others have been arrested and is believed to be the leader of Mercy Drive “Army Gang.”