Hotel Employee Shot Over 21 Savage

A hotel employee was shot during a wild incident when a guy was trying to find 21 Savage.

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(AllHipHop News) What in the world did 21 Savage do to make an Atlanta hotel guest pistol whip the female front-desk clerk in the lobby after she checked him in?

We will never know, but a witness doesn’t believe that the shooter and 21 Savage even know each other: “Believe or not … he just started tripping” according to one eye-witness.

The witness to the crazy ordeal gave his blow by blow account:

“I was inside the hotel at the time. I was at the front desk. A guy who was the guest, we checked him in yesterday, he came downstairs … and I kid you not … he just tripping! He just started saying ‘I’m looking for 21 Savage.’ I kid you not. He said, ‘Where is 21 Savage?’ He started tripping and he pulled a gun out on the girl at the front desk.”

“He pistol-whipped her a few times and he let off about four shots. I believe ugh … he struck my coworker.”

The interview asks, “What in the world is going through your mind?”

The eyewitness answered as follows:

“I was just trying … I wanted to help my coworker … I really feel bad but at the same time, he had a gun. So, I ran and I called 911. I just wanted to make sure you know that the police and the authorities got here. So, everyone should be safe yes.”

The interviewer asked him if he worked at the front desk, and the witness revealed that not only was he on shift at the hotel, but also he was in charge of everyone.

“I’m a supervisor at the Hilton.” He revealed.

Another voice asked if he helped the young lady to which he was taken aback (or embarrassed).

“Did I help the young lady? Yes, yes I did. I helped as much as I could. You know, it’s just a crazy situation.” Again the voice off-camera asked, if the witness, that we now know to be the hotel supervisor, knew the young lady.

“Yes, she is a good friend of mine.”

Damn, well with friends like that … who needs a discount at the hotel?