‘House Party’ Reboot’s Director Defends Remaking A Classic Movie

Calmatic - House Party

The Lebron James-produced remake of ‘House Party’ will be released by Warner Bros. Pictures on January 13.

Calmatic, the director of the House Party remake, spoke about his first feature film in an interview with Home Grown Radio.

The filmmaker revealed how he got the opportunity to direct the reboot after directing Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” music video. Calmatic detailed his vision for the movie and addressed criticism of remaking House Party.

“There should be a House Party movie every 10 years,” Calmatic said. “I wanna see House Party 10 years from now. It ain’t that deep. Trust me, I’ve heard every possible complaint about remaking the classics and all that type of s###. But it’s not that deep. This movie is for this new generation.”

Calmatic is also directing a White Men Can’t Jump remake with Jack Harlow in the lead role. The director realized his reboot’s audience when a large group of kids gathered to see Harlow while filming at a school.

“That’s the demographic,” Calmatic said. “That’s who’s gonna support this movie and love this movie. They don’t care about the original. This is for them. That kind of changed my thinking about making something fresh, making something new and not being a slave to whatever the original was.”

The new House Party hits theaters on Friday (January 13). Calmatic’s White Men Can’t Jump remake doesn’t have a release date.