EXCLUSIVE: Cardi B Profits Could Go To Humiliated Tattooed Guy

Cardi B’s groundbreaking mixtape could cost her all of her profits if a guy suing her over the cover has his way.

(AllHipHop News) The guy suing Cardi B for $5 million for using his image on the cover of one of her most popular mixtapes is going after all of her money.

Kevin Brophy sued Cardi B in October of 2017, for using his image and likeness on the cover of her “Gangsta B##ch Music Vol. 1” mixtape without permission.

The mixtape features Cardi B forcing Brophy’s head between her legs while showcasing his unique back tattoo, as she simultaneously “drains a 24-oz bottle of Corona Extra beer and stares lustfully into the camera.”

According to Kevin Brophy, Cardi B used his image in a misleading, offensive, humiliating and “provocatively sexual way” to launch her music career and he wants a huge cut of all of her earnings.

Kevin Brophy is currently battling with Empire, the record label that released and still distributed the “Gangsta B##ch Music” mixtape for Cardi B.

Brophy’s lawyers have subpoenaed Empire in an attempt to get Cardi B’s contract, as well as a more detailed accounting of the sales for “Gangsta B##ch Music,” which they estimated earned over $400,000 between 2016 and 2017.

Furthermore, and most importantly, Brophy maintains “Gangsta B##ch Music Vol. 1” led to the release of Gangsta B##ch Music Vol. 2, which paved the way for Cardi’s blockbuster debut album Invasion Of Privacy.

“Plaintiff contends, and intends to prove at trial, that profits derived from music released after ‘Gangster B##ch’ are attributable to the wrongful use of Plaintiff’s likeness, in much the same way that profits from the mixtape are attributable to the use of plaintiffs likeness. All such profits may be subject to disgorgement…”

Kevin Brophy’s lawyers are asking a judge to compel Empire to produce a more detailed and complete accounting of the money Cardi B has earned with the label

And they are in a similar battle for information with her current label, Atlantic Records, as well.

Cardi B has denied doing anything wrong and claims she is being extorted by Kevin Brophy.