Hurricane Hilary To Impact California, Marking First Time State Hit With Tropical Storm

People are wondering if the epic storm is connected to climate change.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) has issued a warning, saying California will be hit by its first-ever tropical storm. The storm prompted a storm warning that extended from Los Angeles to the Golden State’s most Southern region.

According to CNN, the tropical storm was birthed out of the ferocious Hurricane Hilary, the first of its kind since 1939. The NHC said the storm is expected to unleash heavy rainfall and cause flooding in the Southwest, beginning on Saturday (August 19). The stronger core winds of Hilary could hit on Sunday morning (August 20), accompanied by potentially hazardous rainfall.

Southern California and Nevada might witness three to six inches of rain, with some areas getting up to 10 inches, as per the center. Other regions are predicted to receive one to three inches. The NHC cautioned that Hilary’s impactful core aside, strong winds and rain will start well before its arrival.

Many people are using this as an opportunity to address climate change.

“It would be nice if we had a pro-science president that declared a climate emergency day-1,” one person tweeted. “We also have an ongoing insurance crisis. Be ready: A significant, dangerous flash flood event could unfold in Southern California by Sunday/Monday as Hurricane Hilary approaches.”

Others are giving updates. As one explained, “Here are the 8 PM PDT Friday Key Messages for Hurricane #Hilary. Life-threatening and potentially catastrophic flooding likely over much of Baja California and the Southwestern United States this weekend and early next week.”