Ice & Coco Talk “True Hollywood Story” Special


(AllHipHop News) The story of rap vet Ice-T and his buxom lady Coco will be told next week on E!

“Ice-T and Coco: True Hollywood Story,” will take an intimate look into the Hip-Hop power couple’s lives, as well as their 10-year-marriage.

In addition to telling Ice’s backstory, the special will reveal little know facts about Coco, whom Ice met on the set of a video shoot.

“You’ll definitely learn so much more about us and you get to hear the whole entire story about me before I met Ice and life now with Ice,” Coco told

The news of the show comes as Ice-T continues a full court press on the television and film industries.

In addition to the E! special, the 53-year-old actor is preparing for the debut of his reality show, “Ice Loves Coco,” which debuts February 19 at 10:30 p.m.

Meanwhile, Ice-T will make his directorial debut this June, when the documentary “Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap,” premieres.

“The Art of Rap,” which features Eminem, Kanye West, Nas and other famed rappers, focuses on each artists’ songwriting technique.

“Ice-T and Coco: True Hollywood Story” is slated to debut on Sunday (February 12).