Ice Cube & DJ Yella Discuss Twitter Beefing (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Obviously, Twitter and other social media sites did not exist when Ice Cube famously faced-off against his former group N.W.A in their classic battle.

But would it have been different if the crew were able to use “Twitter fingers” back in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s? Cube and DJ Yella were asked that question during an interview with WatchLOUD.

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“It would have been the same thing,” said Cube about whether he would have written the N.W.A  diss track “No Vaseline.” He added, “Beef is beef. There was beef before Twitter. There’s going to be beef after Twitter.”

Quite of few new school performers are known to jump on the app to voice their thoughts about their peers. Meek Mill’s recent Twitter rant sparked his back-and-forth with Drake – the most talked about rap feud of the year. Yella questioned how can someone really “beef” on social media.

“How can you have beef on Twitter?” asked Yella. “Put it on records that’s it.”

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Watch Ice Cube and DJ Yella’s interview below.

PHOTO: YouTube