Ice Cube Talks The Difference Between A Songwriter & An Emcee When It Comes To Ghostwriting (VIDEO/POLL)


(AllHipHop News) The topic of ghostwriting in Hip Hop has become center stage thanks to Meek Mill’s allegations that Quentin Miller wrote several of Drake’s verses. Rap legend Ice Cube was asked about the practice of performers having other people write their lyrics during an interview with MTV.

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“Ghostwriting is a part of music,” said Cube. “It’s been a part of music since music has been able to be recorded and probably before that.”

Some “Hip Hop purists” are not supportive of rappers not writing their own rhymes. Or they at least take issue with the term “emcee” being applied to anyone that uses ghostwriters. The N.W.A representative falls into that group.

“As far as a purist in Hip Hop? I’m not a fan of it. I respect rappers more when they write their own lyrics,” added Cube. “But as far as making a song, anybody can put a song together. It don’t matter how it comes together. All that matters is what’s coming out the speaker. So, as far as making music and making records, it don’t matter who writes it. As far as emceeing and being a rapper, you should write your own stuff.”

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