Ice Cube Gives Fans Inside Look At His BIG3 League With Documentary Series

Ice Cube

Ice Cube, who co-founded the BIG3 in 2017, will star in and produce the new series about the basketball league.

Ice Cube added a new documentary series about his BIG3 basketball league to his television credits.

According to Deadline, Ice Cube will star in and produce a currently untitled show covering the BIG3. The docuseries is described as something similar to FX’s Welcome to Wrexham and Netflix’s Cheer.

Ice Cube’s docuseries will cover his work to establish a new basketball league and the BIG3’s $1.2 billion lawsuit against Qatari investors. The series also follows one of the BIG3’s teams as they compete to win a championship.

The 2023 BIG3 season begins in Chicago on June 25. Ice Cube’s league will travel to Boston, Dallas, Detroit, New York and more during the season. The championship game is scheduled to take place on August 26.

Last month, the BIG3 was named the Best in Web3 at the inaugural Sports Business Awards: Tech. Ice Cube was “thrilled” to see his league recognized for its innovation.

“When the BIG3 team began developing this program, we knew we needed to push the boundaries of what Web3 can do to create the best possible experience for our players and fans,” he said in a press release. “Professional sports put so many resources into Web3 that it became the buzzword of 2022, but we knew that creating a product that maximized our player and fan experience would cut through all the NFT noise and be something that lasts.”

Ice Cube co-founded the BIG3 in 2017. The 3-on-3 league renewed its TV deal with CBS Sports for the 2023 season.