Ice Cube Offers Explanation For Working With The Trump Administration

Liberals believe the emcee got played by Trump. Conservatives are praising his apparent embrace of MAGA.

With the 2020 election season in its final days, Ice Cube created a political stir online yesterday. A large section of the Twitterverse was shocked to learn that the N.W.A. member has been working with the Republican Donald Trump Administration.

The news initially spread after Trump campaign advisor Katrina Pierson announced Cube reportedly assisted in the development of the president’s “Platinum Plan” for Black communities. Pierson tweeted @icecube, “Leaders gonna lead, haters gonna hate. Thank you for leading!”

Attention then turned to Cube. Many social media users began questioning why the man that previously said he would “never endorse a m######### like Donald Trump” is now teaming with the same politician Ice Cube called on to be arrested in 2018. The Hip Hop star’s name was trending on Twitter for hours.

Cube responded to the backlash by mentioning his so-called Contract With Black America. The 51-year-old entertainer tweeted, “Facts: I put out the CWBA. Both parties contacted me. Dems said we’ll address the CWBA after the election. Trump campaign made some adjustments to their plan after talking to us about the CWBA.”

When a fan expressed disappointment that Ice Cube was providing public support to the “darkside” by essentially backing Trump’s re-election, he replied, “Every side is the Darkside for us here in America. They’re all the same until something changes for us. They all lie and they all cheat but we can’t afford not to negotiate with whoever is in power or our condition in this country will never change. Our justice is bipartisan.”

Ice Cube’s explanations still did not sit well with many Democrats and progressives online, but right-wing individuals saw things differently. His Twitter mentions were filled with left-leaning critics calling him disparaging terms like “pawn,” clown,” and “coon.” However, Cube was embraced by Republicans and conservatives.