Ice Cube Facing Backlash Over Tucker Carlson Interview Addressing COVID-19 Vaccine & Obama 

Ice Cube

Ice Cube is getting some hefty pushback after meeting with controversial pundit Tucker Carlson for the former FOX News host’s new show.

Ice Cube has come under fire again yet again after linking with another controversial conservative, Tucker Carlson. 

Earlier this month, the N.W.A. founding member denied claims he was a “sellout” after meeting with outspoken anti-vaxxer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

Then on Tuesday (July 25), the Hip-Hop legend joined the right-wing pundit for a drive around Los Angeles for an episode of the Tucker on Twitter show. During their conversation, Ice Cube opened up on his refusal to get the COVID-19 vaccine and discussed his lack of faith in politicians, including Barack Obama. 

“It wasn’t ready,” Ice Cube said of the vaccine. “It was six months, kind of rush job. And I didn’t feel safe.” Cube also said he never “told anyone not to get vaccinated, publicly,” adding that he was “pretty upset,” when it was reported that he turned down a movie role over his refusal to take the vaccine. 

Ice Cube Talks Politicians With Tucker Carlson

Elsewhere during their chat, the rapper and actor said, ” I don’t believe in politicians,’ adding they have “hidden agendas.”  

When asked about Barack Obama, Ice Cube said he was initially hopeful. “For the first time, I felt proud that America took that step,” he stated. “So that was a moment in time. But then you look around, years go by, and not much changed for people I know, people I care about.”  

He went on to say, “It didn’t change with Bush, with Clinton, elder Bush, Reagan, Carter,” and said that Obama’s election was symbolic “In a lot of ways.”  

Once the interview was shared online, many social media users called out Ice Cube for meeting the controversial former FOX news anchor.  

“I told you Ice Cube is a right winger. He had a conversation with the baddy bad people, cuz he’s not good like us,” wrote one user. “He can’t sit at our lunch table until he obeys teacher and do what he’s told, cuz we change the world by only talking to each other about being morally superior.” 

“Ice Cube has lost his got damn mind,” said another. “He let Tucker Carlson guide him w/loaded questions into taking shots at Obama, BLM&COVID vaccines, while Tucker sat there goading him&giggling. I used2think Cube was smart but he’s dumb as hell. He let Tucker use him in a big way. Dude is lost.” 

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