Ice Cube & WWE Pay Tribute To ‘Friday’ & ‘No Holds Barred’ Star Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister

Movie, wrestling, and Hip Hop fans are mourning the Compton-born entertainer.

According to reports, Tommy “Tiny” Lister passed away on Thursday at the age of 62. Lister was best known for portraying neighborhood bully Deebo in 1995’s Friday and 2000’s Next Friday as well as his time as the professional wrestler Zeus in the WWF.

Friday creator and legendary Hip Hop artist O’Shea “Ice Cube” Jackson posted a tweet about Lister’s passing on Thursday night. The WWE (formerly WWF) also released a statement about the actor’s death.


“RIP Tiny ‘Deebo’ Lister. America’s favorite bully was a born entertainer who would pop into character at the drop of a hat terrifying people on and off camera. Followed by a big smile and laugh. Thank you for being a good dude at heart. I miss you already,’ wrote Cube on Twitter.

World Wrestling Entertainment posted on its website, “WWE is saddened to learn that Tom ‘Tiny’ Lister, known as Zeus to the WWE Universe, passed away today at age 62… WWE extends its condolences to Lister’s family, friends and fans.”

Besides starring in the Friday series, Lister played his Zeus character in the 1989 wrestling movie No Holds Barred. His filmography includes The Fifth Element, Jackie Brown, The Wash, The Dark Knight, and other movies as well. Lister also appeared in numerous music videos such as Chamillionaire’s “Ridin'” and 50 Cent’s “Many Men.”

As of press time, Tommy Lister’s official cause of death has not been revealed but it appears he passed away from natural causes. Los Angeles County authorities are expected to conduct an autopsy on the late actor.