EXCLUSIVE: Ice T’s Says Giving Game on New Podcast Is “Retribution” For Life of Crime

Ice-T, Ice-T's Daily Game

Ice-T explains why he is giving out game daily via his new podcast, ‘Ice T’s Daily Game’

Recently Ice-T spoke with AllHipHop Senior Correspondent Jake Crates about his new iHeartRadio podcast “Ice-T’s Daily Game.”

Speaking with the GRAMMY Award-winning artist and acclaimed actor, AllHipHop learned about the motivations behind Ice-T’s new podcast and the lasting impact that the cultural icon looks to have on this world. 

“I always tell people I’ve been on both sides of the gun. I’ve been a bad person. When I was coming up, I’m a light-skinned dude named Tracy growing up in gang-infested South Central Los Angeles. So I said, ‘I have to be predator vs prey.’ I was on some negative sh*t for a lot of my life,” Ice-T said.  

“I was like, damn man, I was an orphan, I’m dealt this bad hand. I ain’t got that, f### everybody. By taking that energy, I was able to attract cats like myself and survive, so to speak. But that never was me. That was what I had (to do) and the armor I had to put on to survive LA by myself.”

Packaged in short five-minute episodes, Ice-T is giving back with quick advice that’s easily relatable no matter who is listening. 

Undoubtedly achieving OG status in the game of rap and life, Ice-T’s perspective is distinctively fresh as he recounts his personal experiences and gives game in episodes each weekday.

“As you evolve and you make it to another side of life, where now you’re legit, you ain’t carrying guns, you not in that world no more, you realize how beautiful it is not to have that dark cloud over you. When you’re doing negative stuff, you are living under a dark cloud,” Ice-T recalled.  

“You don’t know, you don’t know if they coming to see you. You got people saying, ‘On-site, we finna take off on you.’ You’re living, you’re sleeping – you’re in a weird warp. You hustling, you don’t know if the feds is in the rearview, you don’t know what the f###. Once that’s over, and you ain’t got no beef, and you not really trippin’ about that, it’s like a whole new world. It’s like, damn, the underworld is dark and sinister. Now I’m over here in this legit world.”

In each episode of his show, Daily Game, Ice unveils one carefully chosen quote or words of wisdom which has been carefully researched by his team. Describing the episodes as “maybe retribution” these days, Ice-T has no tolerance for “negative s###.”

“Giving game is like giving back, it’s like I’m gonna give you back some game so that maybe I can help you. It’s a way of… maybe its retribution, it’s like I done been bad, but now I’m trying to be good, you know?  So I got no bad intentions for nobody. I don’t talk about negative s###. If you bring up some negative s###, I shut it down. I don’t hang around n##### that’s like, ‘We should do this or that.’ Because I grew up around those kinds of do-low m############ and it’s like, ‘Yo that’s not a part of me anymore, ever.’”

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