Idris Elba & Jonathan Major Link With URL To Set Up Charlie Clips vs. Chess

URL linked with Idris Elba and Jonathan Majors to set up a battle between Charlie Clips and Chess, hosted at Chris Brown’s mansion.

Idris Elba and Jonathan Major join the list of celebrities who have recently collaborated with the Ultimate Rap League.

Drake linked with URL hosting the epic “Til Death Do US Part Event at the weekend and announced more is to come, including the first-ever $1 million battle.

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The day prior, Chris Brown hosted a two-battle event at his home, including one set up by Idris Elba and Jonathan Major – Charlie Clips vs. Chess.

The battle dropped today on YouTube and begins with a message from two of the stars of the Black western, “The Harder They Fall.” Jonathan Major put his faith in the young legend from the Bronx.  

“Yo Smack,” he said. “I want to see Chess kill down the biggest challenger y’all got and see how hard whoever he is falls.” Bringing co-star Idris Elba into the challenge, he continued, “I’m feeling so good about my guy I will let Idris pick who he wants him to face.” 

Idris responded, “Okay, so you think I ain’t up for the rap battle. Did you forget who you talking to?” Showing he’s aware of the task ahead of him he said, “I know who Chess is. Young Gawd, Cave Gang, Guntitles.”  

Idris had the perfect opponent in mind and said, “I’ll take up your challenge. You got to go up against my guy.” he revealed, “My guy is the one and only Charlie Clips.” He listed off some of the Harlem legend’s skills. “Freestyle ability, incredible. Charisma, flow, experience. I’d be interested to see if Chess can go up against that.” 

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“The Harder They Fall” is out today (Nov.3), exclusively on Netflix.  Watch the full battle below and decide who won.