Idris Elba Says He’s “Probably Too Old” To Play James Bond But Could Star As A 007 Villain

Idris Elba has long been a fan favorite to play super-spy James Bond but says he is now more likely to play a villain in the movies instead.

Idris Elba has been tipped to star as James Bond for years, and although the calls for him to replace Daniel Craig have recently gotten louder, the man himself says the time has passed, he’s “probably too old” to play James Bond. 

Idris Elba would make history as the first Black James Bond if cast in the titular role of the famous spy movies, something he has concerns about. Nonetheless, he also has expressed his desire to play the character in recent years, but producers may have missed their shot.  

Idris Elba Said 007 Can’t Be 60 And Chasing Bad Guys

When questioned about the Bond links, Idris explained: “I am 50 this year. Let’s say you sign up for three films – nobody wants to see Bond giving chase or beating up guys when he is 60. I am probably too old to take on the role now,” he added.  

However, Idris Elba hasn’t ruled out appearing in a Bond movie at some point. He told British tabloid The Sun newspaper: “If there was a chance to be involved and the role was right for me, why not? It would be incredible to be a Bond villain.” 

While the British actor has turned his sights away from playing James Bond, the franchise producer Barbara Broccoli said he’s still in the running. “We know Idris … he’s a magnificent actor,” Broccoli said. She also revealed that he has “been part of the conversation,” although, “it’s always difficult to have a conversation when you have somebody else in the seat.” 

Now that Daniel Craig has officially vacated the spot, Broccoli who back in 2018 declared, “It is about time a Black actor is the next James Bond,” may want to reach out to Idris Elba before it’s too late.  

Meanwhile, Idris Elba, the former star of “The Wire,” addressed the rumors that he was quitting acting for music.  

“I make music a lot, and I have pretty much [throughout] my entire career as an actor,” Idris said during an interview with Hello Magazine. “But the last few years we’ve all been at home a lot more haven’t we? And we all sort of just reassessed our lives a little bit, I love music and it’s my happy space.” 

He continued: “So, I’ve had a lot more chance to actually make music. I’m not giving up acting,” he declared. “I’m definitely going to put out more music and I just love the process of making music.”