Iggy Azalea Accepts Erykah Badu’s Apology & Gives A Nice Offer


Photo via Iggy Azalea’s Instagram

It appears that both Erykah Badu and Iggy Azalea have moved on and settled their differences. Erykah Badu responded to a fans tweet saying she wanted to apologize to Iggy because she’s one of her daughter’s favorite artists. Being the comedian she is, Erykah also cracked a joke telling her children if they liked Iggy so much then why don’t they “go be with her.” Iggy decided to accept Badu’s apology, and she even invited Erykah’s daughters to attend a show on her forthcoming tour if they do well in school. Azalea also let it be known that she’s a big fan of Erykah’s work. Check out Iggy’s invitation below!

Iggy Azalea