Iggy Azalea Delivers A Message For Her Haters Following “Blackfish” Accusations

Since the beginning of her career, the Aussie rapper has faced accusations of cultural appropriation.

Once again Iggy Azalea was caught up in controversy connected to her race. Some social media users called out the Australian recording artist for allegedly engaging in blackfishing during the filming of her “I Am The Stripclub” music video.

Blackfishing is described as the practice of Caucasians purposely presenting themselves as a Black person online by using makeup, spray tan, and/or a “blaccent.” The term blackfishing is often referred to as modern-day blackface.

Initially, Iggy Azalea reacted to the blackfishing allegations by dismissing her critics’ complaints. The 31-year-old Wicked Lips EP creator began responding to a few of the fans who were supporting her on Twitter.

“I’m the same color as the other white dancer in the room and not anywhere close to the color of the black dancers. People will say ANYthing to try and cancel me and it’s actually kinda funny to watch people so worked up over a black wig and Smokey eye,” tweeted Azalea.

Many Twitter users shared their opinions on the matter throughout the weekend. Iggy Azalea returned to the social media platform on July 4 to offer more thoughts on the people backing her and the people slamming her.

“To everyone showing me love: Thank you for dedicating your day to me & helping me promote, I love you!” tweeted The American Music Award winner. She added, “To everyone showing me hate: Thank you for dedicating your day to me & helping me promote, I love you!”


This is not the first time Iggy Azalea was involved in a public dispute associated with her being a white woman making rap music. Fellow female rapper Azealia Banks famously criticized Iggy for referring to herself as a “runaway slave master” on the 2011 single “D.R.U.G.S.” which eventually led to Iggy apologizing for the lyrics.

Azealia Banks also took issue with her longtime rival being nominated for Grammys as a Hip Hop artist because Banks believed that Iggy Azalea was appropriating Black culture. The two women repeatedly took shots at each other on social media and in interviews.

That 2014 back-and-forth between Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea caused Hip Hop legend Q-Tip to tag Iggy in a series of tweets. Q-Tip’s goal was to inform the then T.I.-endorsed act about the history of Hip Hop, racism, and white privilege.

In response to the A Tribe Called Quest member, Iggy tweeted, “I’m also not going to sit on Twitter & play Hip Hop squares with strangers to somehow prove I deserve to be a fan of or influenced by Hip Hop… How you feel about me blending musical genres together doesn’t bother me, no one is making you support or buy pop rap albums.”

Azealia Banks fired back, “How the f### can you address a rap legend like @QtipTheAbstract and refer to ‘Hip Hop’ squares in the same breath??!?!?!!?!?!?! Q-Tip gave you some insight into the culture you’re influenced by and you really sat there and told him he’s Hip Hop squares.”