Iggy Azalea Told Judge Sentencing Tory Lanez: “I Would Not Write To You On Behalf Of An Abuser”  

Tory Lanez Iggy Azalea

The letter Iggy Azalea sent to Judge David Herriford pleading for Tory Lanez to get a “transformational” sentence has been published.

The three-page letter Iggy Azalea wrote to the judge sentencing Tory Lanez pleading for leniency has been published for the first time.  

The “Fancy” hitmaker was one of around 75 people who wrote letters to Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge David Herriford ahead of Lanez’s sentencing, which concluded Tuesday (August 8). He was sentenced to 10 years behind bars.  

On Wednesday (August 9), Legal Affairs and Trials with Meghann Cuniff shared a copy of the letter dated February 22. In it, Iggy Azalea tells the judge Tory Lanez, “I would not write to you on behalf of an abuser.” She also claims she “never witnessed him loose [sp] his temper or raise his voice at a woman.” 

She added, “I refuse to believe that he would do anything in malice especially to a woman.” 

Iggy Azalea said she “remained in close contact” with Tory Lanez and spoke to him the week before penning the letter. According to the Aussie rapper, Lanez told her he’s “glad God put him in jail. 

“He said this is an opportunity to humble himself and soften his heart – ironic to hear one of the kindest people I know strive to become even kinder,” she continued. “I’m not shocked – Its who he is. Watering and shining light on others until something beautiful grows.” 

Azalea continued, “Daystar Peterson is not the pest you’ve heard about, he’s a gardener. He helps others bloom.” 

Iggy Azalea Hired Tory Lanez To Work On Her Next Album

Elsewhere in the letter, Iggy Azalea insists Tory Lanez is “far from your average entitled rap star,” adding he’s “been helping me from the moment I met him.” She asked the judge to consider a sentence that does not require deportation,” as she wants him to executive produce her next album.  

“In fact – I already hired him for the job prior to his conviction!” she declared. “I guarantee to you he has significant income and work awaiting him upon release.” Read the letter at the end of the page.

Prior to the letter’s publication, Iggy Azalea claimed she “never intended to publicly comment,” and thought her words were for the judge’s eyes only. She claimed she has “Not been in touch with Tory for months” but said she does “wish him well.” 

In the since-deleted tweet, Azalea said, “I don’t ‘support’ anyone,” but added, “I support prison reform.”