Ill Will and Bigg K Cement Their Status as Legends at RBE’s ‘Max Out 2’

Hitman Holla & Calicoe and Daylyt & King Los give the culture classic battles for the books.

Rare Breed Entertainment dominated the weekend with their stellar battle rap event, ‘Max Out 2.’

Boasting some of the culture’s favorite top-tier talent, fans were treated to a vast range of lyrical excellence.

Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out cast member, Hitman Holla went head-to-head with his Midwest brother, Calicoe to give the audience a gritty battle that could possibly be considered a classic.

“Salute @ItsARP; when your standards mad high for what make a great battle, a lotta time can pass without a “real classic” & you can feel like battle rap slipping. Then the culture receives a gift like Calicoe vs Hitman and the hype & love come flooding back. I believe. #RBE

“That’s how your friends are supposed to look at u when they support, hella proud @Emanhudson@HitmanHolla

“Unable to move away from certain decadence. We don’t want to see you fall because of someone else’s b#######. Move just a little differently. People are out to get bags and will do anything to get one out of you. Other than that, classic battle with Calicoe”

“Thanks @TheReal_Calicoe and @HitmanHolla salute to y’all Midwest legends”

“The way I screamed this damn slogan while I was watching, you’d think I was landslide fr”

“I got @HitmanHolla 2-1 1st and 3rd that showroom floor was crazy and that boxing scheme was crazy great battle either way. Hit & Cal legends #MAXOUT2” 

“CAL 2nd and 3rd @TheReal_Calicoe 2-1”

The other battle that was a definite stand out was the Daylyt vs. King Los battle, which proved to show that artists in this space can be extremely thoughtful in scripting their rounds. Each Sesquipedalian utilized the art of word play, schemes and vocabulary to create — yeah the event had two of them— a classic.

“…How watching that Daylyt Vs King Los battle felt.”

“This week we had a billionaire going into space la cops Argentina the final nba and f###### Daylyt vs King Los we blessed up fam don’t hate”

“I was just thinking that watching king Los vs daylyt was inspiring or a ward spazzin off the head outside at the event w fans there so tapped in it makes me wanna start battling again battle rap saves hip hop cuz industry tryna six nine the reason 4 it”

“I need Neil deGrasse Tyson, Jaden Smith, and Afu-Ra to decode that first round of King Los and Daylyt.”

“Daylyt has a way of taking you from one set-up and scheme to another. King Los had them all separated. The comic book/marvel barz in his 3rd were headed in that direction but then he skipped that all a few barz later.”

Two battles that happened that showcased rappers who were clearly unmatched were Ill Will vs. Jag and Bigg K vs. X-Factor. Ill Will and Bigg K, both overwhelmingly considered the victors, demonstrated how important it is to understand the audience, the current culture and how to construct a certain kind of rap for the audience and current culture. Jag was embarrassed because this was his first pride-trampling loss (clearly losing 3-0) since his return a couple of years ago. X-Factor, a SMACK DVD vet who had been on sabbatical for at least five years, had a little ring rust and lost his battle 2-1/ 3-0. 

“For Bigg K vs. X-Factor from @rare_breed_ent‘s #MaxOut2, I had Bigg K with a clear 3-0. X’s 1st was his best, but I thought K’s punches landed substantially harder more consistently, and K’s angles were framed substantially better than X’s.”

“I need a re-watch but I’ve got @TheReal_Calicoe 2-1 1st n 3rd over  @HitmanHoll n @BiggKTV takin 2nd n 3rd over X-Factor. Straight 30 for Ill Will over Jag n 2-1  @daylyt30 over King Los. Definitely gotta rewatch the Daylyt battle. That “Living Tribe” scheme was super fire to me”

“2nd watch of ill will vs Jag ill will is a Beast man. Such a well rounded & consistent overall battler He need a Pat Stay/Hollow da Don Caliber type match up. Will 3-0 clear As for Jag…well…he said he already booked for Max Out 3 so…he might wanna re-think his approach”

“ill Will vs. Jag!!! Will definitely took that one 3-0!!”

The other battle that happened that night was between Rosenberg Raw and A-Ward, which everyone is considering a preference battle. Despite it being 2-1 either way, no one believes that this was a classic.

“… A Ward and Rosenberg raw was underwhelming”

“Takeaways: • A-Ward vs Rosenberg Raw was a preference battle • Bigg K retired another battler • Ill Will sent Jag to the Pearly Gates • Daylyt and King Los had BOTN and one of the best battles this year Did I miss anything?”

Rare Breed Entertainment’s “Max Out 2” was a ball of energy celebrating the battle rap beautifully, adding again to their argument that they are a formidable force in this industry.