Independent Rapper Russ To Perform At the Pyramids Of Giza In Egypt


Rapper to perform at one of the African sites mentioned in the bible.

Independent rapper Russ has announced that he will go to Africa to perform at one of the world’s greatest wonders.

According to Egypt Today, the rapper will be doing a concert at Giza Pyramids on Friday, Oct. 21st. 

The show is organized by Venture Lifestyles, the promoters/ producers behind the Black Eyed Peas Pyramids and J-Lo’s extravaganza concert on the North Coast. 

This is only one of the stops on his world tour entitled “The Journey is Everything.” 

Russ is set to also visit Hawaii, Mexico, Germany, Demark, Sweden, Norway, France, Spain, Italy, Amsterdam, England, India, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and more.

The Atlanta native has visited the historic landmarks before and previously performed on the North Coast of Africa in 2019.

The rapper/ businessman knows how to make an impact. reported in March that before he launched the tour, he founded a new business venture, which would be artist-friendly.

He teamed up with his friend Bugus to launch the DIEMON label, which will allow artists to retain their masters and publishing.

Russ told Variety, “Everyone owns their masters; everyone owns their publishing. We don’t eat on your merch or your tours, and everything’s a profit split deal.”

“We’re not looking to invest in an artist just to change their music,” he said. “If we like an artist enough to sign them, it’s because we like what they’re doing. It’s just a super artist-friendly situation, where we’re here to provide resources and mentorship to artists that we believe in.”