Is Drake Planning To Reply To Joe Budden? [POLL]


(AllHipHop News) In Episode 71 of Joe Budden’s “I’ll Name this Podcast Later,” the rapper discussed his diss record “Making A Murderer Part 1” during his hour-long Internet radio show.

Joe Budden made it abundantly clear that he has no personal issues with Drake, but was being proactive in releasing his “Making a Murderer Part 1” record.

In fact, Joe said he was a fan of both Drake, but he went on the attack, after French Montana posted a video that appeared to feature Drake mocking Joe’s#### 2004 single “Pump, Pump it Up.

Towards the end, Joe got a call from an associate, who forwarded him a Tweet that was recently sent out by Drake’s close associate, OVO Noel.

The Tweet simply featured a recording studio monitor, leaving many of OVO Noel’s followers to naturally assume some sort of reply was being planned.

The was enough to get Joe Budden excited.

“Tell your f##king boss, ni##a, worker ass ni##a, new slave ass ni##a, tell your boss that before I got word of your monitor picture, I was going to the studio to celebrate anyway, not rap. I am going to sit there and bask. I can post a picture of a monitor too. There’s an OVO Radio tomorrow, I am sure there will be something I think is a diss. Hopefully it will be aggressive. I just want bars…” Joe Budden joked. “OVO Noel, I love Drake. I am going to tear him the f##k and you with your pictures.”

If Drake does reply, he better be ready for a long a battle.

Joe Budden revealed that he had already recorded a bunch of diss records for anyone who might have something to say over the July 4th holiday.

And Joe Budden is unrestricted in what he can release, since he is 100% signed to his own label, Mood Muzik.



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