Is The Prosecutor Out To Get Chris Brown In His Gun Case?


(AllHipHop News) Chris Brown has had his issues with the law in the past. However, the latest story about Brown supposedly pulling a gun on a woman named Baylee Curran seems to be unraveling.

First, it has been reported that Curran is suspected of being a known thief and liar. Then supposed text messages from the night of the alleged incident included her saying she planned to frame Brown because she was angry over being kicked out of his house party.

Brown’s lawyer has also claimed that the LAPD did not find a gun at his client’s home. That disputes earlier reports that weapons were confiscated at the location.

Now the prosecutor’s motives in that case are being questioned. According to TMZ, Deputy District Attorney Mary Murray pushed for Brown to be arrested, even though police just wanted to investigate the situation.

Murray prosecuted Brown in the 2009 Rihanna assault case, and she lost probation violation hearings involving the R&B singer. CB has been a vocal critic of the D.A., calling her racist in 2013.

Curran claimed Brown pointed a gun at her head after she was seen looking at jewelry during the party. Chris Brown was taken into custody on a felony assault with a deadly weapon charge. He was released on $250,000 bail.