Issa Rae Calls Out Hollywood For Giving Ezra Miller A Pass

Issa rae

Issa Rae held nothing back in an interview where she discussed a double standard being applied to actor Ezra Miller. Read what she had to say!

Issa Rae has called out the Hollywood movie industry for protecting Ezra Miller despite their controversial behavior.

The “Justice League” actor, who uses they/them pronouns, has been involved in a string of controversies, legal issues, and run-ins with the police this year, but Warner Bros. still intends to release their standalone superhero movie “The Flash” next June.

In an interview with ELLE magazine, the “Insecure” actress criticized Hollywood for being “literally the worst industry when it comes to punishing people for misdeeds and actions” and cited the Miller case as a clear example of Hollywood being “very bad about consequences.”

“I’m gonna be real, the stuff that’s happening with Ezra Miller is, to me, a microcosm of Hollywood,” she said. “There’s this person who’s a repeat offender, who’s been behaving atrociously, and as opposed to shutting them down and shutting the production down, there’s an effort to save the movie and them. That is a clear example of the lengths that Hollywood will go to to save itself and to protect offenders.”

The embattled actor hit the headlines in March when they were arrested for disorderly conduct and harassment in Hawaii. The 30-year-old pleaded no contest to the first charge and paid a fine and court costs while the harassment count was dropped.

In June, they were slapped with two restraining orders, the first to prevent the actor from seeing an 18-year-old activist they were allegedly involved with, and the second to stop them from allegedly harassing a mother and her child. 

The “Fantastic Beasts” star was also charged with felony burglary in Vermont in August.

Miller apologized for their erratic behavior in August and announced that they are undergoing treatment for “complex mental health issues” following a period of “intense crisis.”