It’s A “Caresha Please Summer:” Yung Miami Shares “Act Bad Starter Kit”  

Yung Miami

Yung Miami shared the four rules that make up her “Act bad starter kit,” to help all the City Girls get right for summer.

The summer is just a few weeks away, and Yung Miami is dishing out some guidelines for her fans to have the perfect “Caresha please summer.” 

The City Girls rapper wants her followers to get right for the hot weather, so she’s handed out a list of guidelines for the essential “Act bad starter kit.” 

Yung Miami took to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday (May 17) to share the rules. 

The first priority before heading out to turn up is to have a good meal or a snack at least. “You can’t act bad on an empty stomach, Yung Miami warned. As well as ensuring they’ve had something to eat, it’s essential anybody following the plan drinks plenty of water to stay hydrated in between shots.  

Transportation is also an important consideration. “B#### get with the gang and make sure to get a driver/Lyft so you can act the baddest,” she added.  

Lastly, Yung Miami ordered, “GO OUTSIDE AND LIVE YOUR BEST MF LIFE!!!”  

She also advised it’s a “Caresha please summer,” and told the ladies to stay “N#### free. DND &* Matching energy.” As a final thought, Caresha added a blond wig to the “Act bad starter kit.” 

However, not everybody was on board. “Can we teach these young ladies something worth learning,” one fan wrote in the comments section. “Acting bad is not gonna get you where you need to be. I pray my daughters are NEVER like this . Sheesh. Our queens and kings are down bad…” 

Another added, “Girl hush, you outside with Surviving Diddy..” However, as somebody pointed out, Yung Miami gave “Great advice to avoid a hangover or a dui. 😁” 

Check out the rules below.  

Instagram/Yung Miami
Instagram/Yung Miami