It’s Lit: Jay-Z’s Makes Major Investment In Another Fitness Brand


Jay-Z is putting his billions behind a new fitness brand called Lit Method!

Billionaire rapper Jay-Z is getting his weight up by investing in a Los Angeles-based fitness brand.

The company is called Lit Method and was founded by Justin and Taylor Norris.

Lit is short for the Low-Impact Training, which is a workout that concentrates on building the body up without breaking the body down.

The Norris couple has used their experience in design and sports medicine, to revolutionize how to get people buffed, like creating a custom rowing machine class that will get that cardio jumping while strength training.

Jay-Z’s Marcy Ventures is poised to dump a gang of cash into the brand, hoping to take it to the next level.

This is the second investment into fitness for the “Blueprint” mogul

In 2020, he partnered with Novak Djokovic, the No.1 men’s tennis player in the world, to bring the world the CLMBR Connected and CLMBR Pure vertical climbing machines.

These two machines, dropping later this year, are said to be the first vertical climber to have a large-format touch display with on-demand.

The device also features instructor-led classes and claims to be “less impact on the joints while providing the most efficient calorie burn per minute of any machine in the marketplace.”

Fitness is important to Jigga.

In 2013 he said, “I’m continuously striving to be the best, I need to operate with my health in full gear.” His trainer Marco Borges says that to achieve this, according to GQ, by doing 3-4 rounds of certain exercises, with 12-15 reps of each.

His routine consists of deadlifts, push-ups, lunges, dumbbell rows, things to strengthen his triceps, cardio via treadmill, rocks the medicine balls and uses weights.

Let’s see if the RocNation founder will incorporate the Lit Method into his regimen.