J Prince Asks The Streets To Find Renegade Punks Who Killed His Nephew

J Prince

A close family member of J Prince was killed over the weekend, and J Prince is calling on the community to help find the killer.

J Prince is speaking out on the death of one of his “nephews” who was murdered over the weekend.

He expressed outrage on his Instagram profile on Tuesday, June 1, using a photograph of him and the young man and his very stern voiceover. In the prepared statement, that is featured in its entirety in the caption, he submits that while wishes he could put a bounty on the perpetrator’s head — he cannot because that would be illegal.

Still … his words are clear and firm as he states that he wishes that immediate “karma” comes to anyone that hurts the innocent. Please listen and/or read his message to these “gangsters” entitled “Houston, We Have a Problem to Solve.”

“There are a few renegade young punks, who went into one of my boys’ garage and shot my unarmed nephew in his heart and killed him,” he states in this public service announcement.

“These clowns have no principles, with an ‘anybody can get it’ type of attitude. I wish I could go back to the western days and put a ‘WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE- MILLION DOLLAR REWARD’ on them but that’s illegal, so I won’t do

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“To all the real ones in every hood in H-Town, let’s not wait on the police to solve every problem for us. We have legal rights that need to be exercised to protect..I have NO respect for you n##### around the world that call yourselves gangstas, killing unarmed, innocent people at nightclubs, homes, schools, malls, restaurants, churches, or wherever! This is weak s### NOT gangsta,” J Prince said. “Real n##### around the world need to come together to deal with these bad apples. I wish immediate karma to all those who intentionally kill innocent people. Reap what you sow!”

Considered the Godfather of Southern Hip-Hop, J. Prince has created a posture in rap culture that is not to be played with. The Rap-A-Lot O.G.’s words hold weight and we hope that they will not lead to more violence.

Our prayers are directed to the bereaved for J. Prince’s family and all of those who have lost their lives to senseless violence.