J Prince Explains Plan To Take Over Spirits Business With New Brand Loyalty

J Prince

The Rap-a-Lot mogul is bringing his business expertise to the wine business with his new brand Loyalty.

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Hip-Hop and Spirits kinda go hand in hand.

If you are considering the word “spirits” as an otherworldly energy … well … yup … a good rap song can possess you, taking you to another place.

If you are talking about “spirits” as in “a taste of something that gets you nice,” well … yup … many rappers turned to drinking in efforts fuel their grooves, light up a party, and now those that have moved from simply performing and have turned into moguls are investing in alcohol to expand their entertainment brands.

Puff, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Lil Wayne all have brands in this space, but now have to move over to make room for music legend, James “J” Prince.

J Prince is the CEO of Houston-based Rap-a-Lot Records, boxing manager to the sport’s top talents, such as Andre Ward and previously Floyd Mayweather Jr., and mentor to hundreds who have entered into the culture as music executives.

A man who believes in making magic out of mustard seeds, he has recently launched his adult beverage called “Loyalty.”

J Prince speaks about his new investment and why he chose to do wine versus a whiskey or a brandy.

“Wine has become my wind-down beverage of choice.” Loyalty founder, J Prince

J Prince Loyalty Wine
J Prince’s new brand Loyalty wine

“As an entrepreneur, I’ve always believed in starting businesses that spoke to me and my lifestyle, he revealed. “Maison Le Star is a top producer of winemaking grapes and the perfect partner in this business.”

Loyalty is a limited-edition adult beverage collection, now available to the public, that offers several different types of wine sourced by the French winery, Maison Le Star: Rosè, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Merlot.

The brand’s mantra is “exquisite taste deserves premium packaging.” This is why they have a screwcap closure that is “donned with a crown to celebrate the royalty in the one who partakes of the beautifully balanced and deliciously complex wines.”

“As a major French wine player, we at Maison Le Star are very proud and truly honored that J Prince decided to trust us with this amazing project,” explained Chloe Chadeau, Maison Le Star’s US Export Manager. “He’s been an inspiration throughout this journey, and all of our team gave the best to meet the expectations of this incredible wine collection. As a business partner, we will continue to show J Prince that Respect and Loyalty are values we cherish at Maison Le Star.”

On his social media, he thanked all of those who have supported him and dedicated the venture to them.

He captioned, “Can YOU toast to Loyalty? To the ones that Keep It Real, Keep It Gangsta, Never Quit, Never Snitch, Honor The Codes, Stay Loyal, and Never Allow Jealousy And Hate To Contaminate Your Heart this one is for You. You deserve it. A Toast to Loyalty. @loyaltywines 🍷 🥂”.”