Ja Rule Aims To Shake Up The Tech And Music Businesses With The Launch Of New Company ICONN

ja rule

Rap star Ja Rule wants to connect fans, celebs and other other creators through his brand technology company, ICONN.

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Ja Rule is not letting the Fyre Festival punctuate who he is as a businessman.

The Queens rapper is a serial entrepreneur who proves that if one thing doesn’t work — there is always another way to get up and go get to the bag.

Now, Ja Rule is set to launch his new tech media company, ICONN, through his I.C.E. Corp. umbrella. The new company will serve as a tool for creatives to do business directly with their fans.

The “Put It on Me” rapper is not only excited about his new project but believes that it is a game-changer in the fan-to-artist relationship during this recent global pandemic.

“This is for fans to actively connect with their favorite celebs,” Ja Rule explained. “That is a special connection to be made, and not a lot of platforms cater to that fan. I wanted to create a space for them, where we can give back to them.”

Sounds amazing! But what makes ICONN more interactive than platforms of the past like Myspace or current social media go-to’s like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter?

The Murder Inc. rapper says, “ICONN is a monetization platform with a social feel. A powerful robust tool for creatives that connects them directly with their fans/consumers.”

“In a way the consumer can think of ICONN, like an Amazon, we provide human services in the entertainment space,” he continues. “Those services range from a variety of things such as booking talent for live events to a celebrity hairstylist, fashion stylist, and makeup artist. The live component offers a different experience where creatives are offered monetary features such as tipping, private live requests, live scheduling, and charitable live options.”

“It’s all about connecting fans with celebrities and those that live in that space on a day-to-day basis and ICONN brings that to the consumer!”

One thing that makes ICONN stand out is that artists and creators charge fans a fee (between 1 cent to 10 cents) to view their content created on the app.

For years, artists have wanted a vehicle that will support B2C (business to customers) models of work. ICONN seems to achieve this by taking out the middleman.

“The goal is to change the way fans view the value of content coming from their favorite artists,” he states. Hopefully, this does that.

I.C.E., the parent company of ICONN, stands for Innovate, Create, Entertain, and includes other ventures that feature his music and film divisions, called Iconnic Sound and Fix8 Features.