Ja Rule Shopping His “Lucrative” Catalog But With One Condition 

Ja Rule

Ja Rule is considering selling his catalog but only as part of a reversion deal allowing his family to buy back part of it in the future.

Ja Rule is toying with selling off his “lucrative” catalog of hits, but only if he can structure the deal to include a specific condition. 

In a new interview, the NYC hitmaker revealed he’s shopping his discography as part of a reversion deal. He will only agree to the sale if the contract includes a clause allowing part of what’s sold to be returned to his family in the future. 

“I’ve found out recently that my catalog is very lucrative,” Ja Rule explained to Bloomberg. “So I’ll be looking (to sell). I’ve really been talking about doing a reversion deal where I would probably give up half my catalog, and it would revert back to my family.” 

He remained tight-lipped about how much it would cost to secure the deal, saying, “I think it’s kinda hard to put a number on the value.” Ja added, “Usually, the value of the music starts to go down as the artist starts to go away. The value of the music starts to depreciate.” 

Ja Rule Predicts the Value Of His Catalog To Increase

Ja Rule also revealed he expects the value of his discography to grow in line with the value of artists’ shares of streams increasing. 

“It’s kind of weird, but what’s happening now is we get less than a fraction of a cent for a stream, but that number is going up,” Ja Rule continued. “It’s going up to about 15 percent. So with that happening, I think a lot of these companies are realizing the money that’s out there.” Check out the video below.


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After beginning his rap career in the mid-nineties, Ja Rule released seven albums in nearly three decades in the game. He’s racked up a string of hits along the way, and topped the Billboard charts three times. “I’m Real,” “Ain’t It Funny,” and “Always On Time” all went to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. “Mesmerize,” “Livin’ It Up,” “Wonderful,” “Down 4 U,” and “Put It On Me,” were top ten hits. 

He also earned two Billboard 200 No. 1 albums with Rule 3:36 in 2000 and Pain Is Love in 2021.