Jack Harlow: I Have Never Felt So Connected To The People

Jack Harlow

The rapper/actor expresses gratitude to his peers and fans.

Louisville-bred recording artist Jack Harlow earned a lot of praise for his latest project. Jackman, which dropped on April 28, displayed Harlow’s lyrical ability.

The 25-year-old Generation Now representative returned the love. Jack Harlow took to Twitter to show his gratitude to his music contemporaries and his supporters.

“2 weeks have passed and I just wanna say the love & respect I’ve felt from not only my peers… but from YALL… the fans,” tweeted Jack Harlow.

He continued, “The folks that have supported me from the beginning… it feels f##### amazing… I have never felt so connected to the people listening to my music… thank you.”

Jackman is Jack Harlow’s third official studio LP. That album followed 2020’s Thats What They All Say and 2022’s Come Home the Kids Miss You. All three releases peaked in the Billboard 200 chart’s Top 10.

Thats What They All Say debuted at No. 5 with 51,000 first-week units. Come Home the Kids Miss You opened at No. 3 with 113,000 units. Jackman landed at No. 8 with 35,500 units.

In addition to releasing music, Jack Harlow will also star in Hulu’s upcoming remake of White Men Can’t Jump. The Calmatic-directed film will premiere on the streaming platform on Friday, May 19.