Jacky Oh’s Plastic Surgeon Speaks Out For First Time Since Her Death, Never Mentions Her Name

Jacky Oh - DC Young Fly

Social media reacted asking why he didn’t mention her by name.

Weeks after the death of Wild ‘N Out star Jacky Oh, the romantic partner and mother of the children of comedian DC Young Fly, plastic surgeon Dr. Zachary Okhah aka Dr. Zach has come out with a statement,

Dr. Zach, the owner and founder of PH-1 Miami clinic, is the man who allegedly performed the deadly procedure that took the young woman’s life. Many fans believe his remarks were crash and insensitive, absolving himself from a role in her premature demise.

“To all my past, current and prospective patients, PH-1 Miami remains devoted to the highest quality medical care,” he wrote. “All aesthetic procedures are performed in a hygienically safe environment to universally recognized medical standards. I am relentlessly committed to advancing techniques in the realm of plastic surgery.”

He continued, “Most importantly my staff and I ensure that each patient is vetted, prepped and treated according to their individual patient history prior to any surgery. Our mission is to help his patients achieve the best possible results in the safest and most medically appropriate way possible.”

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While his office closed off the comments. That didn’t stop people from chiming in on Twitter.

One person Tweeted, “Patient history” was missing here! But u can’t fault the doctor for the patient’s neglect of their health. U CAN fault him for not properly accessing its health. If she had an underline heart condition that prep check would of detected some irregularities. He didn’t follow thru.”

Another Twitter user posted, “He didn’t mention Jacky’s surgery specifically & his comments are turned off. Dr. Zach has had lawsuits filed against him and he’s also filed lawsuits against a patient or two of his.”

One person put it plainly, “Ik it’s not Dr. Zach okhah fault that Jacky oh passed but he could’ve gave his condolences. She was his client.” DC YoungFly hasn’t commented on the Dr. Zach’s remarks.