Jacquees Shows Off Facial Injuries Following Atlanta Arrest

After a quick search of Gwinnett County Jail’s public inmate records, it turns out he was released on $3700 bond the same day.

Jacquees was reportedly arrested in Atlanta on Friday (June 23), not long before he was set to hit the stage. But after a quick search of Gwinnett County Jail’s very public inmate records, it turns out he was released on $3700 bond the same day. Charges include simple battery and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers, both misdemeanors.

Jacquees’ mugshot started making the rounds shortly after his arrest. In the photo, his lip is noticeably swollen and bruised. Judging by the droopiness of his eyes, many of his fans concluded he was likely drunk. Whatever the case, it’s getting a lot of attention.

Some people were shocked by his appearance, calling him “ugly.” As one person noted, “That mugshot of Jacquees is crazyyyyy. But that goes to show everybody has those bad days and bad pictures ..that’s why I always say keeping yourself is the true beauty cause the most beautiful person in world can be so ugly if they couple of months without upkeep.”

Another said, “That Jacquees mugshot is hilarious lmao lil leprechaun,” while another added, “eewww that Jacquees mugshot is ugly.”

Still, fans of Jacquees are in his corner and applauded him for keeping it quiet. “Jacquees flew cross country, coached a basketball game AND hosted a club performance in another state all before his mugshot got leaked,” one fan tweeted. “We never woulda knew cuz he kept it P.”

Jacquees, clearly aware of the buzz the photo has created, took to Instagram on Saturday (June 24) with a selfie. There was still bruising under his eye, but his lip was no longer swollen. He wrote in the caption, “Business.”

The singer has yet to explain what exactly happened over the weekend that led to his arrest. He’ll be expected back in court soon, where he’ll be forced to tell his side of the story.