Jadakiss Enters Coffee Business With Help Of His Father And Son


Jadakiss started a family business with his father and son. The trio launched a new coffee brand called Kiss Café.

Jadakiss announced the launch of his own coffee brand on Tuesday (October 18).

The Lox rapper teamed up with his father Bob Phillips and son Jaewon Phillips to create Kiss Café. The new line deepens Jadakiss’ family ties to the coffee industry, which his dad has been involved in since 1977.

“This coffee is for all coffee lovers,” Jadakiss said in a press release. “No specific age or background or knowledge. Coffee is a universal and a personal thing. Everyone enjoys it differently. And, we’re here to help them do that.”

His son Jaewon Phillips added, “It’s real. No gimmicks. It’s been in our family for well over 40 years and everything we do here is from the core.”

Jadakiss’ dad is the president and CEO of Caturra Corp, a boutique firm specializing in international green coffees. Bob Phillips called Kiss Café one of the proudest achievements in his personal and professional life.

“There is no greater honor than taking what you’ve learned in this life and inspiring your family to join you and bring that pursuit to the next level,” he said.

Jadakiss’ Kiss Café is available to purchase online. The brand currently offers Beijo, a medium-dark roast Arabica blend, for $14.99.