Jadakiss Joins Barbershop Debate On Top 5 Emcees Dead Or Alive (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Jadakiss is set to release his fourth studio album Top 5 Dead or Alive on November 20. The discussion about which emcees should be listed as the greatest of all time has been debated in Hip Hop circles for decades. Kiss took it to the urban congress known as the barbershop to continue the conversation about rap music’s Top 5 of all time.

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Tax Season podcast host Tax Stone led the deliberations in The Bronx’s This Is It, and Jadakiss was among the emcees named as the Top 5 DOA. The Lox member later joined in. Kiss also spoke about why he has not reached the same level of mainstream success as some of his contemporaries such as Jay Z.

“I might be too real for whatever that means. They don’t really want to let real n*ggas get all the way in. We got to sneak in. It ain’t going to be that easy of a task for n*ggas like us, cause they know what we we’re going to do if we were to get in a position like that,” said Jada.

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Watch “The Cutting Room – T5DOA Edition – PART I” featuring Jadakiss below.