Jaden Smith Explains Why He Ran From The Paparazzi In A Skirt

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith talks about how he used that attention from the paparazzi to work to his benefit and to celebrate his choices. Read more!

The Smiths, one of Hip-Hop’s premier families, who also happen to be titans in the Hollywood space, have a way of staying in the headlines.

They don’t have to try since the powerful family of artists seems to attract paparazzi and attention wherever they go. 

The media scorpions seem to spotlight and criticize their art, business moves, and personal lives, mainly focusing their platforms on any bit of trauma or unusual creative choices — like the youngest son’s bold choices in fashion.

Jaden Smith, a rapper and son of Will Smith, is also one of the most prominent actors in film history. He talked about how he used that kind of attention to work to his benefit.

In a Hype Bae interview about his fashion, he said, “When it comes to fashion, it’s really coming from my emotions and how I’m feeling. If I’m wearing something, it’s because I feel like I can and when people notice, it opens up their minds to what they can wear and breaks down barriers.

“When I realized the power I had in that regard, I started to be more specific with the way I dress,” the “Icon” rapper continued. “Before I thought I was just doing something that no one would see, but now I realize I’m speaking for a bigger audience.”

The young Smith recalled what he considered some of his “biggest fashion moments” and how organic those times were. He said they all centered around his personal style and dressing for himself. 

It was then he noticed that other people were taking pictures of him.

The first time I wore a skirt, I wasn’t trying to be seen, I was actually running away from the cameras and didn’t want to be noticed, but once they came out, I said, ‘Screw it, I’m going to do this for real now.'”

Many artists use the media in a way that works for them. 

If you know anything about this family, for the most part, they try to make the best out of an impossible position.