James Harden Denies Paying Saweetie A Fortune Just For A Date

James Harden and Saweetie

James Harden shot down rumors he was shooting his shot at Saweetie.

Saweetie and Quavo broke up at the top of the year and now, she is a “pretty” girl on the town.

And it’s not hard to believe that she may have some celebrity suitors creeping in her DM’s and offering all kinds of things to get on her calendar.

Social media was early thinking that one baller (with a full beard) was first in line offering a big bag to the raptress.

“James Harden Allegedly Cash Apps Saweetie $100K For Date,” one headline claimed.

“James harden sent saweetie how much????”


“Saweetie got on with Harden? That’s what u call a bag”

“james harden just paid saweetie 100k for a date and u debasing urself and ur people for 300”


“Lmfao they say James harden a simp for sending saweetie 100k. Whether or not it’s true, y’all really sound jealous y’all be sending money to women on the low. I seeentttttt it for myself”


But NBA All-Star James Harden wants the world to know that he is not one of those guys tricking to get Saweetie’s attention. The Brooklyn Nets player took to his Instagram Stories to share that the rumors are false.

He posted, “I’m tried (sic) of people creating these false ass stories knowing I really don’t speak on b#######.”

The message continued, “Leave me out of all the werid (sic) s###. s### trash. Back to my real life.”

The next slide he posted in his stories said, “People really on here just making s### up for clout. I really stay out the way. Cashapp 100K? Beat it.”

And just like that … The Twitter rumor got shut down and people started to change their tunes.

“It’s crazy how everyone is so ready to believe a story about these celebrities. It never dawned on anyone that you can’t even send 100K in cash app? Nah? So how tf did James Harden send Saweetie 100K?”

“y’all really thought harden cashapp saweetie 100k”