James Harden And Meek Mill Ticklefest Goes Viral

Meek Mill and James Harden

Twitter exploded today after a clip showing Lil Uzi breakdancing also featured James Harden tickling Meek Mill.

Over the weekend, Michael Rubin’s all-white party got out of hand, allowing fans to peek at some of their favorite celebrities letting loose and acting silly.

The party hosted by the billionaire included the likes of Jay-Z, Bobby Shmurda, Quavo, and others but all people were worried about was the two Philly rappers and one Brooklyn Net that have been trending all day.

The three have been the talk of the town after a video of Lil Uzi Vert windmilling went viral. Those who tapped in were privy to a pop-cultural Easter egg, as James Harden tickled his friend Meek Mill on the


Fans couldn’t figure out what was more extraordinary: Lil Uzi breakdancing, only a couple of days after being accused of beating up and pulling out a gun on his ex-girlfriend or Harden tickling the Roc Nation rapper like two school kids on the playground.

Check out their reactions on social media:“

f##k that kid dancing why tf Meek Mill and James Harden having a tickle fight in the back???”

“Why meek and harden tickling each other in tha background”

“this n#### harden reached over the white woman to tickle meek LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO ???”


Meek stay on his sassy savage

“I watched this video twice and I didn’t notice meek or james


The dancing and playfulness were all done in fun. The dope thing is that these guys who are usually so serious, are having fun.