“James Rosemond Story” Podcast Unravels The Controversial Life Of Jimmy Henchman

James Rosemond Unjust Justice with Michael K. Williams

The story of James Rosemond, who’s better known as Jimmy Henchman, is explored on a new podcast hosted by the late Michael K. Williams.

A new podcast explores the life of former Hip Hop mogul and current inmate James Rosemond, who’s better known as “Jimmy Henchman.”

Unjust Justice: The James Rosemond Story officially launched with the release of two episodes on Tuesday (March 15). The late Michael K. Williams hosts the crime podcast, which will drop episodes on a weekly basis.

Donald J. Sikorski serves as the podcast’s director. Sikorski previously directed the documentary RAP SHEET: Hip Hop and the Cops, which covered the NYPD and FBI’s infamous surveillance of the Hip Hop industry.

Unjust Justice traces its story back to James Rosemond’s days in the streets that led to serving time at Rikers Island as a youth. It also tackles his efforts to go legitimate in the world of Hip Hop, which saw him managing stars such as The Game and Gucci Mane.

“Success rolled in, putting Jimmy firmly at the top of his game,” the Unjust Justice podcast notes. “Jimmy had made it, he had fought back against his tough childhood to become a respectable businessman making millions of dollars a year.”

But Unjust Justice largely delves into the criminal justice system and the drama that surrounded Jimmy Henchman throughout his life. It remembers his role in Hip Hop’s notorious East Coast vs. West Coast feud and 50 Cent’s beef with The Game. And most notably, the podcast examines the legal troubles that resulted in multiple life sentences for James Rosemond.

“In June of 2011, Jimmy was arrested by DEA Agents and US Marshalls, after being on the run for months,” the podcast recalls in a press release. “Jimmy was charged in the Eastern District of New York with what is called The Kingpin Statute. This 13-count indictment alleged that Jimmy was the leader of a nationwide drug organization that was using the cover of his Hip Hop music business and recording studios to transport close to 30 kilos of cocaine a month.”

James Rosemond is currently behind bars serving nine life sentences. He was convicted for running for a drug trafficking organization and ordering the murder of 50 Cent’s associate Lowell Fletcher a.k.a. Lodi Mack.

The mogul-turned-inmate still aims to get out of prison as he claims he was granted clemency by Donald Trump. Although James Rosemond wasn’t on the official list of people pardoned by the former president, Jimmy Henchman contends a president merely must mention the person’s name in public to be granted clemency.

A judge refused to dismiss James Rosemond’s argument in January, so the door remains open for his possible release. His reasoning is unprecedented, but he will be allowed to explore it further in court.

Learn all about the case and much more on Unjust Justice: The James Rosemond Story hosted by the late Michael K. Williams. Episodes are now available to download and stream on platforms such as Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher.

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